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DTCC Derivatives Trade Reporting Series: Focus on EMIR Regulatory Changes

G20 leaders articulated a key action item at their historic 2009 summit in Pittsburgh: the mitigation of systemic risk emanating from the global over the counter (OTC) derivatives market including the need to report derivative transactions to trade repositories. While proposed regulations are primarily designed to assist local market regulators, they are often leveraging global standards such as LEI, CDE, UTI, UPI, and ISO.

 Join DTCC and a fantastic lineup of industry experts as they explore upcoming revisions to EMIR regulation and its impact on firms.

Hear various viewpoints on:

  • The primary changes being introduced with EMIR Refit
  • How the proposed changes will impact reconciliation
  • Why submitting entities should be thinking about delegated reporting
  • How EMIR Refit will change your control framework

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