A Look Ahead: The Journey to Global Data Harmonization in Trade Reporting

In the wake of the 2008 financial crisis, G20 leaders articulated a key action item at their historic 2009 summit in Pittsburgh: the mitigation of systemic risk emanating from the global over the counter (OTC) derivatives market.

Today, while regulators now have greater insight into local market risk, insufficient alignment of reporting requirements across jurisdictions impedes the ability to aggregate data, making it harder for regulators’ to monitor global systemic risk.

In this webinar a fantastic line up of industry experts share their perspectives on the challenges the industry faces as regulators across the globe implement rule changes in an effort to narrow the distance to reaching global data harmonization in derivatives trade reporting. 

Explore various viewpoints on:

  • Industry impact of the various regulatory rewrites
  • The different critical data element requirements across jurisdictions
  • How the adoption of ISO 20022 will impact how firms report to trade repositories
  • Will UPI requirements, which are currently not finalized, shake up your implementation plans?

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