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DTCC Treasury Kinetics enhances the transparency of the U.S. Treasury repurchase agreement (repo) market by delivering a daily summary of aggregated and anonymized repo trade activity. 

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single, Comprehensive, Data source

Treasury Kinetics offers the industry a single, comprehensive data source on repo trade activity, giving market participants a clearer understanding of valuation, rates, and liquidity. Sourced from DTCC’s Fixed Income Clearing Corporation’s (FICC’s) Government Securities Division (GSD) platform, the DTCC Treasury Kinetics service provides users across the dealer, hedge fund, and asset manager communities additional transparency into the Bilateral Delivery vs. Payment (DVP) repo market.

Comprehensive, Multi-Perspective Data Feed

DTCC Equity Kinetics facilitates analysis of U.S. equity market activity by providing a comprehensive, multi-perspective data feed for trades that clear through DTCC’s National Securities Clearing Corporation (NSCC) subsidiary, delivered multiple times during a trading day. With DTCC Equity Kinetics, users can view, track, and analyze aggregated U.S. equities trade volumes over time for better insights into market dynamics.

Enhanced Market Insight

Gain greater transparency into repo rates. FICC holds the largest dollar volume of U.S. Government securities trades processed through FICC

Unprecedented Market Transparency

Elevate your repo market modeling, portfolio valuation and analysis using daily details on number of trades, volumes, dollar amounts and rates

Deep Historical Perspective

Back-test current repo data against historical events using service’s historical data dating back to 2011